How to get the most out of the Funcom Download Manager

The Funcom Download Manager enables you to download Age of Conan game files as fast as possible using peer-assisted delivery technology. When you use the Funcom Downloader to download Age of Conan, you temporarily participate in a secure, closed network where you receive pieces of the game files from multiple sources, including other active users.

If you are using a router or are behind a firewall, you may have to adjust your settings to improve the performance of the downloader. The Age of Conan Downloader uses ports 2500 and 8115 to download game files. If you have already configured a port to be used for peer connections, you can specify that port for the downloader to use (see instructions below).

To Specify the Port Used

By default, the Funcom Download Manager uses a random port every time it is launched. If you are behind a firewall that requires you to use a certain port when using peer-assisted technology, you can specify the port the downloader uses by performing the following steps:
  1. specify a portClose the downloader

  2. Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory where you saved the downloader.

  3. Type the full name of the downloader + /port ### (### being the port number you wish to use).

    See the image to the right for an example.

Important Note for Vista Users:

To avoid complications, we recommend that you turn off UAC (User Account Control) for this download. If you have UAC turned on, Vista will save your game files to a hidden directory, NOT the folder you specified when you first launched the downloader. If you have already downloaded the files and come across a "missing setup.exe" error message, please follow these instructions in order to find the files and install Age of Conan:

  1. Exit the downloader.

  2. Do a system search for a file named "25.dat" - This should be the directory where the installation files are located (1.dat through 25.dat plus the setup.exe file and others).

  3. Re-launch the downloader and select that directory as the save location.

    It will take about 5 minutes to verify the files, but if they are all there it will launch the installer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the following message mean? "Unable to connect to the Network, Please try again later."
The downloader you have is no longer in service. You must obtain a new downloader from Funcom.

My download speed seems slow, what can I do to improve it?

If you are using a router or are behind a firewall, adjust your settings so that ports 81, 2500 and 8115 are open and forwarded to your computer. Refer to your firewall/router's documentation for instructions on opening ports and setting up port forwarding (see links below for more help). In addition, if you have configured a port to be used for peer connections, you can configure the downloader to use that port and route your peer traffic.

Closing other programs that use bandwidth may also improve download speeds.

What is the default port for the downloader?
There is no default port. The downloader uses a random port every time it is launched.

Does the downloader support UPnP?

Yes. Please note that if you have enabled UPnP on your router, you do not need to specify a port on the downloader.

Can I shutdown/restart my computer and resume the download?

Yes. If you close the downloader before shutting down your machine, the download will resume from your previous progress the next time you launch the downloader. Please note that you have to specify the same save directory you originally selected in order for this to work.

Will the downloader work if I am using a proxy server?

If you are using the Internet through a Proxy server, you will only be able to download from peer traffic (without HTTP connectivity), as our download manager is not currently setup to route traffic through a proxy server.

Does limiting my peer connections affect my download speed?

Yes, however the AOC Downloader is designed to download from multiple sources, not exclusively peers. You can limit your peer connections and still download your game files.

I would like to contribute by seeding, how do I do this?
Launch the downloader and leave the Age of Conan Installation Menu open (closing the menu will also exit the downloader.) You are now seeding and can minimize the downloader to the system tray.

How do I see the peers I'm connected with?
We recommend Microsoft's Process Explorer to check your network/peer connections. Within the tool, simply double-click on the AOCdownloader.exe and go to the TCP/IP tab to see your connections.

Are there other methods of changing the save files location?
Yes, you can also specify this via command line (see above for instructions on running the downloader via the command line). Here is an example:
name_of_downloader.exe /savepath "C:\yourpath\"

I would like to do a full file check, how is this done?
Perform the following steps:

  1. Delete all files located at:
    Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\USER_NAME\Local Settings\Temp\SolidCache
    Windows Vista: C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Temp\SolidCache

    This process will delete any "SHA1_OF_METAFILE.kick" files.

  2. Launch the downloader and select the directory where the files are located.

    The downloader will now perform a full file check.

Helpful Links

Process Explorer - Simple tool that lets you see your peer connections.

Port Forwarding Guides by Router

Port Forwarding Info and FAQ

Port Forwarding Wiki (check the external links)

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